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"¿Por qué ella está devolviendo la falda?"

Traducción:Why is she returning the skirt?

September 23, 2017

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Note: Many Spanish speakers, if they are using "approved"grammar would only use "está devolviendo" if she is in the process of returning the dress right now....and probably still would just use present simple unless they are trying to emphasize the process...it is sure taking her a long time to return it...there may be some problem here. On the other hand, in English, we could say "is returning" to refer to the present, later on that day, sometime in the future. It mean that say thing as "she is going to return it" "she will return it - maybe it's just our opinion...she may not even be thinking about returning it!) or "she had decided to return it" This is an example of very widespread use of the present progressive which is very different from proper usage in Spanish. It is interesting to note, however, that similar usages are creeping into spoken Spanish in the United States, Mexico and some other Latin American countries.


In this case, I interpret the English to be either "returning at this moment" or "will she be returning it later. It depends on the context.


Because ES PARA RESPONDER . Why ES PARA HACER UNA PREGUNTA. Example: * Why did you do it? - Because it was funny.


porque ella esta devolviendo la falda


Por qué the skirt y no her skirt?

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