"În concluzie, ea are două fete."

Translation:In conclusion, she has two girls.

September 23, 2017

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In English i think we would only say in conclusion if summing up an argument or essay or research paper. I wonder if the Romanian means at the end of something (perhaps a pregnancy here) she has two girls?


No, în concluzie has the same meaning as its English counterpart.

"at the end of..." = la sfârşitul... or la finalul...


I wonder what type of maþematics ðey did to get to ðis conclusion..


I saw that one of the answers was "In conclusion, she's two girls". That answer would be incorrect. "She's" is a contraction of "she" and "is", never "she has".


"She's" can be a contraction of "she has".


"she has" can be contracted as "she's" but only when has is forming the perfect tense (e.g. she's run a marathon today), not when it's referring to possession.


never say never! You might hear this in the street, few speak the queen's English these days! Certainly as She's got, but I can say she's two children, the wife disagrees and says that must be northern but i was born in the south in a family from the midlands whereas she is from Hull in the north. (Pronounced 'ull).


i wrote to conclude and was marked wrong.... why? what is the difference in English between to conclude and "in conclusion". in conclusion sounds rather odd to me!


I would wager that "to conclude" would require a verb in the Romanian translation.


you could be right, Ben! but after all it is a queer remark/statement! DL "often offer us " unlogic questions/remarks/full sentences" as a part of the learning process. Frankly i often wonder whether this way of learning a foreign language is a good method.....

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