"Die Jahreszeit ist kurz."

Translation:The season is short.

September 23, 2017

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Can Jahreszeit and Saison be used equally correctly? I noticed is was marked wrong at times when iused one and not the other.


Jahreszeit is used for the seasons of the year (spring, summer, ...) – those are Jahreszeiten – except in the context of holidays / vacations, there you can use something like Sommersaison / Wintersaison / Skisaison, for instance. If you talk about the arts (opera, theatre, fashion, etc.), you usually speak about about Saisons. In agriculture, both terms can be used (Spargelzeit, Spargelsaison, etc.).


Holy.... crap......... it said I was wrong when I said BRIEF!!


The man voice seems to be pronouncing "prost" instead of "kurz", in both version of the audio (normal and slow)


I hear "protz" instead of "kurz" too.

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