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Anyone here ever been to/Live in Iceland?

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Anyway, I'm gonna assume a lot of you on here are from places other than the U.S (where I'm from) or at least you guys travel a lot (since some of y'all are learning like 10 languages)

I want to go to Iceland, I'm just wondering how to non-Icelandic speaking tourist friendly it is.

What are the best places to see? places to stay away from? I'm looking at a tour that goes to Reykjavik, Vik, Selfoss and the Blue Lagoon. Are those places must sees? anywhere else? How many days do I need?

Thanks!! :)

September 23, 2017



Well, I did not meet many Icelanders there since my trip was mostly a hiking tour in beautiful wasteland. The few I met were nice and friendly like any other western/northern Europeans.

I was in Reykyavik and Blue Lagoon but these places are not that special as Icelandic nature which I enjoyed the most.


No I have not have not.

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