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Before you post a discussion...

If you are going to post a discussion, then you might want to answer some questions:

1: Has this question been asked before? If it has, has it been answered?

If your answer is no, post your discussion.

2: Is the solution to my problem inside the Help page?

If your answer is no, post your discussion.

3: Is this spam? (Things that are spam: Posts without substance, posts asking for/giving out lingots, posts unrelated to duolingo or language learning, posts giving out personal information, Posts that say nothing but ''hi'' or something similar, whichever language it is in, etc.)

If your answer is no, post your discussion.

4: Does this follow the guidelines?

If your answer is no, don't post your question.

5: Is this related to either Duolingo or to Language learning?

If your answer is no, don't post your question.

What should I know before posting a discussion?

1: Some people like to downvote everything. Ignore that - There is no post that has not been downvoted at least once.

2: A discussions' title is extremely crucial. Here's another guide on that, with other tips for guarding against downvotes.

3: It's no use complaining about removed features. Some were pretty great, but they aren't going to come back. Luis Von Ahn will not read your post, and even if staff does, they probably won't care.

4: People will get annoyed if you post in the wrong forum. If you aren't sure which forum to post in, view this awesome guide by Jrikhal.

5: ''I want that language on here.'' Before requesting a language, check to see if it's in the incubator. If it is, people are working on the course and it will be released in the future, so you just have to wait. If not, read this awesome guide by Lrtward.

6: Japanese and Korean will be released on computer once Staff writes the code for the ''What sound does this make?'' exercises on website, just in case you were planning on asking.

7: Any more questions?

I hope this helps ya out!


September 23, 2017



Good guidelines, but I hope you reach your intended audience, and affect the behavior of those who would benefit from your advice.


Merci beaucoup !


I really hope that the people who keep requesting Latin focus on #1 and #5 on your list. Great post!

I agree; I feel like this post ought to be available for everyone to see everyday, especially for new users (even though most people hardly read what is stickied). ^ ^


MasterZsword, this information is [already sticked](https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8000024 in the Popular tab ^_^


I was quite aware of that, but thanks anyway!

Though, I suppose there is no reason in having a repeat post if people won't bother considering it either. ^ ^

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