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  5. "한국어는 어렵지 않아요."

"한국어는 어렵지 않아요."

Translation:Korean is not difficult.

September 23, 2017



I disagree, 한국어는 너무 너무 어려워요.


You should try Japanese. はじみまして。


はじめまして not はじみまして. I'm fluent in Japanese and English and I hope to become fluent in Korean too. ;)






I don't know how I said that, but m'kay. I also recommend Chinese! Chinese is the easiest for Spanish speakers, I think. Plus, did you know that the Korean language was adapted from China (and Japanese was also)?


That's quite reductionist. Korean and Japanese are language isolates, but due to extensive histories of trade, war, and other contact, Imperialist China left its mark in a big way. That's why you have the vast presence of grammatical parts and cognates. Borrowings that overtook much of the language's innate forms.

Because old Korean and Japanese were not written in their initial forms, we will never know precisely what they were like, but if there is a presence of something familiar, its from contact and sharing, not linguistic relation.


Yup, Thats where sino-korean came from and korean uses chinese hanja, but these are just loans like korean does for a lot of languages, because it is relatively new made in 1400s. But Korean is its own language on its own!!


I think you mean the writing system, not the language. And, in Korean they use a new writing system now, so that also isn't from China


What? Chinese is not at all related to Spanish. A language like Portuguese or Italian would be much easier. Also, Korean and Japanese borrowed some vocabulary and characters from Chinese, but neither of the two languages developed directly from Chinese.


what?? my native tongue is spanish and chinese is nothing like it. at all. I think you mean tagalog, which was heavily influenced by spanish within other languages.


Latin* spanish and tagalog are both from latin roots, english is too except mixed with 11 other languages which is why english is said to be the hardest language in the world


Countries near each other or occupied by another often take in loan words. But Korean language groups and Japanese existed prior to any Chinese influences. Similar to the inluences on Swahili from Arabic and Hindi.

It is true however, that before Hangeul, Korea like Japan used the Chinese writing system.

Modern English is a glom of borrowed words. Rodeo, Sherrif, sushi, yero, armor, kudzu, litany, reich, kosher, Mississippi, philisophy, reign, halal, shall, and now we see kpop, klingon, and bangla. Really one biggum masala. I love this soup!


Sadly enough Japanese well for me is a little bit easier then Korean but i wont give up Korean just because its a little bit difficult皆さん、頑張って!


Or Welsh or Khoisa.




That's right! Japanese is a very nice language


YEP, weabooness is a good language,


모든 언어는 어려운데 Korean is no worse than any other. Not much.


Korean is considered one of the four most difficult languages for English speakers to learn, along with Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic, according to https://cdn.lingholic.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Hard-Languages-To-Learn.png


Even though Japanese, Korean and Chinese are the languages I actually find easier to learn, compared to languages like French and Spanish etc.


That's probably because you care more about Korean and put more work into it. French and Spanish are objectively much more similar to English than Korean is in every way.


I'm Romanian so imagine how it is to learn Korean from English. Anyway, Korean is the first language where I find sounds similar with romanian î ( - in Korean). For me it's very hard to really hear certain sounds in Korean and it's very hard to adapt because the format if the sentence it's somewhat telegraphic, you need to make your own connections.


No, Korean is easy for me. Its only hard to pronounce it. I already understand the alphabets within one day, soon, i understand the entire Korean. I just need to know how to make sentences correctly and pronounce it correctly. Its hard to explain korean language, but i understand it.


Believe me, it's going to get a lot harder. Yes, the alphabet is easy. Learning grammar and vocabulary, on the other hand, is going to take a lot of work, especially because it has basically no similarities to English. Pronunciation is nowhere near the most difficult part of Korean.


You better than any of us know your abilities and learning style.

If you have access to web, podcasts, or YouTube, look up:

Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK);


With Duolingo, these two explain grammar and the special differences between the meaning of two words.

Keep studying. It's great fun learning Korean.


한국어는 쉬어요


한국어는 쉬어요


쉬다 = to rest

쉽니다, 쉬어요, 쉬어

쉽다 = to be easy

쉽습니다, 쉬워요, 쉬워


Agreed. One of the easiest language to learn.


How can they say it's not difficult? There's no easy language to learn nor job to do. Well, anyway it was just an example. Lol


I said "hard" instead of "difficult" and it was marked incorrect...


한국어를 너무 좋아요, 어렵지 않아요!


What's the difference between "hard" and "difficult" in this context? "Korean is not hard." should be accepted too.


You should report it.


As a native speaker: Arabic is more difficult :p


I know, I have tried to pronounce something and I was almost suffocating. It is very hard to create the sounds from the deap throat


Hmm... As a Korean American who can pretty much speak, sort of read, and canNOT spell, I disagree.


It is ranked among the most difficult languages in the world sooooo........ No


probably depends on what your first language is


Alright, I know I'm late (Seven months... Yikes... Are you still here?) but it really depends on the language you're learning it from. The grammar system, pronunciation, etc. is quite different from the English language. However, Korean has a similar sentence structure to Japanese, and the two languages have quite a few words in common. I think a Japanese speaker learning Korean would be similar to an English speaker learning Spanish. It just depends on the native language / languages you know.


Maybe but Korean is harder to pronounce for Japanese speakers than Spanish is for English speakers.


Agreed. Korean and Japanese pronunciations are miles apart. I can understand why a Spanish speaker finds Japanese easier to speak. Compared to Japan's Kanji (derived from Chinese), its hiragana and katakana are consistently consonant plus vowel pair sounds. Other rapid speech or regional differences, na is na.


Not really, depends on what site you looked at. I would say Chinese, or Arabic because the Chinese language is supported with many different various characters. The grammar is very confusing as well. However, I can see why Korean can be hard. I get confused by the ㅔ andㅐ. Plus, the grammar is pretty hardcore as well being a heck a lot different from the English language. Chinese grammar is a lot easier for English speakers because the Chinese grammar is a lot like the English language. It would be even easier for Spanish speakers as well.


Nah. My Chinese is now way better than my Korean but I still find the grammar hard in both and Chinese grammar is nothing like English grammar unless you're talking about simple three word sentences. My first language is English and my second is Spanish.


Whats up with you saying these things about spanish speakers?? I am learning spanish, and it doesnt relate to the southeast asian languages you claimed to be easier for spanish speakers. Dont make assumptions.


He was only saying that Chinese grammar is quite similar to English grammar, and by extension similar to Spanish grammar because Spanish and English grammar are very similar. Every other part of the language is very different, and yeah, I'm not sure either why he keeps bringing Spanish into the conversation about learning East Asian languages.


Even though korean is hard, if you're really motivated to learn it, it'll be easy for you.

If you really love korean, nothing is impossible.

다들 화이팅!


Korean is not so difficult to learn because its alphabet is easy to read and the words are easier to pronounce than Chinese or Arabic. But Korean is difficult because grammar is complicated and the place of words is unusual


The grammar isnt so unusual actually. Its quite common in parts of the world, especially southeast Asia


Rather than Thai, Korean is easier I think


I actually find Thai a bit easier, even though I've spent more time in Korea than in Thailand. Thai writing is harder but Korean grammar is much harder. Pronunciation for both is a bit tricky.


I also have huge problems learning the Korean language


You sure, duolingo?


As someone who is native from a portuguese speaking country, hell yeah. Go ahead and try learning portuguese fellows LMAO


I'm almost 100% sure that Portuguese is a much easier language to learn for native English speakers than Korean. I haven't studied Portuguese before, but I've studied Spanish very extensively, and Spanish grammar and vocabulary is waaaaay more similar to English than Korean is. I know Portuguese is super similar to Spanish to the point that I can understand most of written Portuguese with very little difficulty at all. There's absolutely no way Korean is an easier language for native English speakers.


say that to my face


The alphabet sure is easy, as for the grammar...


I put isn't hard (it basically means the same thing or no?)


Ah if it hard then why have you reached this far people. If it was easy ❤❤❤❤ it wouldnt even be an achievemnt. No one would even be amazed even you yourself wouldnt. You knew what you were getting into so suck it up or give so you stop discouraging other people.

Those feeling like giving up. Please dont. Its is sooo worth it. And its not hard I mean 80 million people people speak and write it from the geniuses to the dumbest so why can't you.


[citation needed]


그게 말이 돼 ?! 한국어는 너무 어려워요


Thats what she said...ㅋㅋㅋ


Se voi imparae il francese. c'`è uno site che si chiame :http://www.litteratureaudio.com e li si possa down load gratuitamente audie libri


Yep. Oreo will help me remember that it is hard.


This is july 39, 2019: Did anyone else get the option to test saying this sentence? Has this been added to earlier lessons? I nearly fell out of my chair!


All duolingo do is lie.


I will agree when I know it enough to use easily...


Oh gosh "it is not dark" and "it is not difficult" sound really similar to me... this is going to be fun.


got this right after 이 쉬운 언어는 어렵다, i think duo is mocking me


I have never read such lies before


Learning any language is difficult lol


If you are a dumb american, it is


triggered why would you say that? Edit: saying this to a specific nation/country is just creating some unnecessary stereotypes and is really offensive the way this is implied.

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