"Sorry about your ankle!"

Translation:Désolé pour ta cheville !

September 23, 2017

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Next time i meet Achilles I'll tell him this!


Why cant i use désolé pour ton cheville?


Cheville is a feminine noun. You must use the correct corresponding possessive pronoun with that.

Ta cheville

Ton is masculine and thus you would use it with masculine nouns. Ton cœur or ton os.

Votre is also correct.


Why pour not 'a' with an accent.


À is the wrong preposition. With désolé you use pour or de.

  • I’m sorry about the noise. Je suis désolé pour le bruit.
  • I’m sorry I’m late. Je suis désolé d’être en retard.
  • Sorry for barging in like this. Désolé de faire irruption comme cela.
  • Sorry to call so late. Désolé d’appeler si tard.
  • I’m sorry about what’s happened. Je suis désolé de ce qui s’est passé.


I thought parts of the body use the article "le" to be gender neutral


Le is not gender-neutral: it's masculine. They are just like other words, sometimes deminine, sometimes masculine


yes I misspoke. I meant le, and la to be impersonal. Thanks


This only happens when ownership of the body part has already been (grammatically) established. This happens most frequently with reflexive verbs.


C'est dommage pour ta cheville? I'd say that saying "Sorry about your ankle" is just as likely to convey sympathy as it is regret. In the former case, would the French I just wrote work?


It's a perfectly fine French sentence, but it is not an accurate translation of the English one.

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