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  5. "Je těžké být soudkyní?"

"Je těžké být soudkyní?"

Translation:Is it hard to be a judge?

September 23, 2017



Napsala jsem: "Is it difficult to be a judge?" - to neuznalo a jako správná odpověď se ukázala tato: Is it difficult to be a justice? Proč je v tomto případě JUSTICE?


Justice je - kromě jiného - i soudce.


Yes, but why is 'judge' not allowed in that version?


I would think that the more proper English translation would be, "Is it hard to be a woman judge?" If we were asking about judges in general "soudcem" would have been used. Yes? No? Maybe?


Perhaps it could be accepted as a side translation, although I think female is better, but note that we have no reports from people requesting this translation. Not even from you.

Note that this is a translation from Czech to English. Not the other way.


I'm happy to know that sex discrimination is not an issue in Czechia!

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