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  5. "My tam teď jdeme."

"My tam teď jdeme."

Translation:We are going there now.

September 23, 2017



we are now going there ...wrong..strange


What is your question? Or is there one? Or were you offered "we are now going there" as a correction?


my tam ted´ jdeme was not accepted, I thought that since ´ is right there on the Czech keyboard it was what was wanted - what should I be using instead?

’ ‘ `> these are all the ones I have, the first couple both seem to flag as typos, I haven't tried the third yet. ´ just gets marked incorrect.


You need to write háček with ť, ď, ň...

It's the key to the left of the backspace key, press this key + shift, followed by the letter you need.


Ahhh, I didn't realise that was a haček. Thanks!


The first two symbols you typed are apostrophes ’ ‘. (At least, it looks like that to me.) They are rarely used, so you'd find the symbols more often as simple quotation marks, that's also why there are two different appearances (one to start the quotation and the other one to finish it). For direct speech, we use the double quotation marks „“. I can't think of an example where I would use the third symbol (the backtick `) in the Czech language. The last symbols > < are mathematical (and I'm surprised you found them on the Czech keyboard :-D). Oh and the one symbol in the first sentence, you probably typed acute accent ´, it is used to type long vowels. How to type caron ˇ was already explained above me.


They are apostrophes - it wasn't clear to me that the mark after the d was anything else! 8-o lol


Why is 'we go there now' wrong?


It is non-standard in English. It sounds as if something is missing... like, for example, "We go there ON THURSDAYS" -- "We go there WHENEVER WE CAN" -- "We go there BECAUSE WE REALLY LOVE IT THERE." But "We go there now" just doesn't work."


Why is "We are now going there." wrong?


Not the most common word order in English, but I wouldn't say it's outright wrong.


I (native AmE) agree, and have added "We are now going there."

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