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How to learn Hebrew from scratch.

1) Go to Memrise for Duolingo's official course Hebrew Alef-Bet to learn the letters.

2) Go to this tinycards deck to review the letters, and learn the sounds they can make.

3) Go back to Memrise for a Typing Hebrew course, to learn where all the Hebrew letters are located on the keyboard. (You don't have to have it installed yet.)

4) Now that you know the letters and how to type, install the Hebrew keyboard if you haven't already. See the Welcome Post for instructions.

5) Start Duolingo's official Memrise course Hebrew Duolingo, which presents (almost) all the vocabulary in the same order as the actual Duolingo course, with audio for each word.

6) Start the Hebrew course here on Duolingo. (I recommend staying just slightly ahead on the Memrise course, so you know how to pronounce all the words).

It took me a while to locate all these resources, so I thought I'd put them here for anyone else who might find them useful. Enjoy!

Another tip: Caps Lock will turn the Hebrew keyboard into a regular QWERTY keyboard, which is easier than switching languages back and forth. You'll be shouting your answers whenever you're supposed to type English, but Duo doesn't mind. :)

September 23, 2017



I would also suggest to start watching some tv shows in Hebrew, with Hebrew subtitles, online, or to even watch tv shows in English with Hebrew subtitles :) good luck!


Oo, that's a good idea!


Even though the site may not seem like much, I have used this site to learn the aleph-bet as well as some niqqud/nikkud and it's worked pretty well in helping me learn with the images. Here you go!



It is helpful! Thanks again. :)


Thanks SariahLily for your efforts.


I would suggest to supplement your learning with a flashcard program, like Anki. I find it's the only way to actually retain all the material.


Both memrise and tinycards are flashcard-type programs. :)


Memrise Duolingo Hebrew vocabulary course. There's also anki courses. But I only go far in Duolingo when I'm caught up on Memrise. Here's the whole list (because people ask so frequently I've saved it). Because it's a paste of something I had already written some things might be duplicates of previously written comments.

All the words with audio are here I'm learning Hebrew Duolingo vocab on Memrise! http://www.memrise.com/course/1031737/ (So recommend! I did the memrise Hebrew alphabet course too, I'll list it below)

The whole course tips and notes are here (and the site has one for each Duolingo language): ,organized by skill individually: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Hebrew

Or organized by skill in one pdf for the whole course: https://www.docdroid.net/JnfmyEV/tipsnotesbackup.pdf

Replace your username where mine is for information on your progress, etc: https://duome.eu/teribleteri/progress for progress and tips/notes etc.

I really recommend doing the Hebrew alphabet course at Memrise before you start here, & YouTuber Linguistix channel to say the individual letters correctly.

Here's LINGUISTIX Hebrew Pronunciation for English Speakers: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfwqVVFqlT1v0tS9hhTg7kL1cUVyO4oFY

The three alphabet courses I did (at the same time for variety, like same three letters on each course, then next day three new ones, ) I'm learning ! Hebrew Alphabet ♬ IPA (no typing) alefbet on Memrise! http://www.memrise.com/course/165935/

I'm learning Hebrew Alef-Bet on Memrise! http://www.memrise.com/course/1087087/

I'm learning Hebrew Reading and Language Intro on Memrise! http://www.memrise.com/course/702355/

Oh and because someone asked about vowels YouTube channel for frequent forever, and the JBS Rabbi taught Hebrew module. It's a bit much to do the entire series, if you only need the pronunciation and not Hebrew school (as in HEBREW SCHOOL, not "Hebrew" school but I found the lesson /video on tricks for pronunciation & vowels really helpful.

There's also GABE/Fluent Forever (he's the guy who had the biggest Kickstarter campaign for an app in history, I think it hit a million dollars. It comes out this summer, he has videos on pronunciation and the rules. It's more technical (it depends on your learning style, if you're more mechanically minded this will be more helpful, things like: diagrams of tongue placement etc. And if you see this letter together with this one, do this. (It's only a few videos, like 5 min each). I found his book, Fluent Forever, funny and really helpful. (To be honest this was surprising, it shows you when and how to memorize based on the science of language and memory. It was funny and chatty, not dry at all. And it works). Some is at his website fluent-forever.com Fluent Hebrew Pronunciation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlmgeS8moU5hoWljcBIvTyJmICuLP-AyC

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