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  5. "Já mám maso."

" mám maso."

Translation:I have meat.

September 23, 2017



In this sentence, the speech generator here and in Google Translate pronounce it as "já mámA maso", and I was wondering if anyone knew if this is a) a glitch or b) actually something a Czech person might say to make the words flow better.


I hear "Já mám maso." The pronunciation is fine, it is just spoken fast and together with the same letters next to each other, it is definitely one of those tougher sentences to listen to.


FWIW, I've often heard what sounds like a little extra vowel between two of the same consonant. I put it down to the fact that -- as I've been told -- in Czech every letter is pronounced. Whereas, for example, in English, double consonants are usually just run together and pronounced as one.

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I hear the same thing, MisterJackson, and did not hear anything quite like that in 3 years of college Czech courses taught by native speakers. Sounds odd to me personally.

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