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"Matěj, why don't girls want you?"

Translation:Matěji, proč tě holky nechtějí?

September 23, 2017



Is it acceptable to say "Matěji, proč holky tě nechtěji?"?


That's what I put, but it looks like "tě" has to be in the second position in the clause, so it would have to go directly after "proč" in this case.


Can someone explain the word order rules?... It's driving me crazy. Why not "Proč tě nechtějí holky?"


You are correct. That should have been an accepted answer (and will be from now on). The translator probably got carried away by the fact that "Matěji, proč tě holky nechtějí" is a name of 70s Czech movie (or 80s?]



May I ask if "Matěji, proč tebe holky nechtějí?" is accepted? Or is it a rule that if the pronoun is in the second position we should use te? I think someone recently told me that in the second position, people prefer ho to jeho.


You can't use the stressed forms (tebe, jeho) in the second position.


No, the translator, contrary to some opinions, is a human being. ;-)

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To me the two sentences sound a bit different to be honest. "Proč tě holky nechtějí?" - to me sounds like emphasis is on "nechtějí" while "Proč tě nechtějí holky?" - emphasis on "holky". As if boys wanted him.


I totally agree and I am Czech. :))


This would put a strong stress on "holky" so it would probably mean that boy want him.... maybe?


https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31466920/Ordering-the-Czech-clitics-Introduction-2019-04-18 I hear you, I felt the same until I read this. Then it all finally made sense and now I love the second position.


I've put "Matěji, proč dívky nechtějí tebe" And it was wrong. What's the problem there? :/


It is just a bit strange. I am not sure if it can be correct or not.


My wife says she would say it only in one situation : there's a line of guys, why the girls want YOU ?

Otherwise she said my sentence is weird..


I am Czech and I agree with VladaFu and LoossSS who said, that it sounds a bit weird but it does make sense if we want to really emphasize that "you" are the guy the girls do not want.


Hello ! Is "Matěji, proč holky tebe nechtějí ?" correct, please ? And if not, why ? Thanks !


The position of tebe is awkward. You would use it to stress TEBE and place it at the end.


I have the same question but I don't understand this answer.


Read up about the clitics. You already have a link. The non-clitic TEBE is placed in the position where the clitic TĚ would go. It makes no sense. Either use TĚ in the clitic position or use TEBE in one of the applicable non-clitic positions.


But, in the example given "Mateji, proc holky tebe nechteji", tebe is NOT in the clitic position. But, not being a native speaker, I'm just not sure why it's placement isn't correct. How it's stressed seems to be the answer. But that's a subtlety of the language that is a complicated for a beginner. But, I guess that's why we're doing this course!

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Can't I say "Mateji, proč divky nechtěji tě?"?


No, has to be in the second position in the clause.


So why does Matěji, proč tě holky nechtějí work but Matěji, proč holky tě nechtějí doesn't?


Same answer as above.


"Matěji, proč nechtějí tebe holky?" is rejected. Why?


That is a strange order, use tebe in the strong final position when stressed. Use tě in the weak second position.


why is divky instead of holky rejected


It is not. You must always tell the complete answer in your questions.


Ideally, if you are fairly sure that your answer should be accepted, you will use the Report button, even if you ask here, so that we can see exactly what your answer was.


Matěji, proč tě holky nechtějí? Complete answer was Matěji, proč tě dívky nechtějí? Why was this rejected?


This is among the accepted answers. If it i rejected, use the report button.

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