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What to say in this situation?

So today I talked a few sentences to someone in German (In real life!) and it didn't go too well.

He told me "Nett dich kennenzulernen" and I said "dir auch" which I think I used the wrong case, and he even corrected me (Sie auch) :D

Then a bit later he said "Auf wiedersehen. Viel Spaß"

What am I supposed to say back? I just said "Ja, dann" which seemed like the best thing to say but it felt weird. Feedback?

September 23, 2017



I think you could say "Danke gleichfalls!", with the right context?


Agree. Any 'well-wish' (Viel Spass) can be followed with 'danke, gleichfalls'. Not to confuse the situation, but 'dir auch' is a good response to voel Spass as well. ('das wünsche ich dir auch')


If he said "nett DICH kennenzulernen (nice to meet you)" the right answer could be "danke gleichfalls" which is something like "thank you, likewise" No need to become formal (using "Sie") if the other one used "Du/dich". If he said "nett Sie kennenzulernen" the formal "sie" is recommended. You could have said "finde ich auch" to imply that you're agreeing with him.

For goodbye you could have said "Auf Wiedersehen und Danke" (goodbye to you, too and thank you (for him wishing you to have fun)

"Ja dann" seems a bit weird, but may be used between good friends and younger people.

Btw, no need to feel embarrassed. First time I spoke to a real life American I didn't know what to say, either.

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I'm thinking what if the OP is like 15 and the German speaker was 40+ .. then it could happen that the man was talking to him informally but expected the formal adressing from OP side, right?


"Nett dich kennenzulernen" can also be followed by "gleichfalls", or "ebenfalls". (likewise).

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I'm just going to react to the way he corrected you. If he actually said "dich" to you and then corrected you that you should have said "Sie auch" then he felt he can talk to you informally and expected you to talk to him formally. One of the few ways I can imagine this happening is that you are very young and he was middle aged or older gentleman .. is that right? In these situations you should never adress him du/dich/dir, unless he asks you to first.


Yeah, I'm a teen (isn't against guidelines to state age?), he was probably in his 50's. I forgot to use formal, so I think on Duolingo I'll use Sie instead of Du for all excercises to work on that.

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I bet he corrected you just for your information and didn't think anything bad about it. Since you're a learner it's normal you will make mistakes. Great you had a chance to speak to a German speaker, I had a similar chance a month ago and enjoyed it very much :-) Happy learning.


Yeah, I told him afterwards that I forgot and I don't practice it very much.

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