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Places I've been and places I want to go.

So far, I've been to... California, Virginia, Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Arkansas,

But I rlly wanna go to, China, Germany, Finland, Austria, And Montana.

I really like to travel and see things I've never seen before, I want to go to Germany bc I'm hoping to be a Professional photographer.

I want to go to China so I can walk on the wall, and take pics of their amazing buildings.

For Finland, they have these old stone houses that would be breathtaking to see in person.

Montana has astonishing mountains, That I would love to take pictures of.

I've always wanted to do all this. Maybe i will :)

September 23, 2017



That sounds really interesting and hopefully you'll be able to go to all these places. Personally, I want to go all over Africa, and maybe some other places too depending on where I go for work. I want to be a Linguistic Anthropologist one day to help preserve endangered languages and study the people who speak these languages, so I'm bound to do some traveling.


Cool! And gracias! Good luck! :)


I have lived in South Dakota, then California, and now Texas


I live in Canada, have been to the U.S and China. Want to travel all over Europe!


I've been to the Caribbean islands, New Mexico, Canada, Alaska, and plenty of other states, but I really just want to go to France. I may study abroad there, which I find very terrifying but also possibly beneficial.

I also really want to go to Japan, South Korea, and Shanghai China. My mother used to go to Shanghai many times due to work, so I wanted to experience it for myself.

I hope your dreams of traveling come true one day!


I hope you can go to France some day!


I live in PA, and I've been to New York, New Hampshire, and Maine. I want to go over to England. :)


I've been to Germany (my home country), France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Poland, Czechia, Spain and Italy. And the Canary Islands as a child (yay, I got off the continent!) Technically I was also in Belgium, but I only drove through it, so that doesn't count.

I want to go to Scandinavia, especially Sweden; to New Zealand and Australia; to Serbia, since that's where my late grandfather is from; to Ireland, Greece, Marocco, Egypt...


OMG rlly?! AHH I've always wanted to go to Germany!


Which area in Germany, do you have any preference?


California and Paris ,France.

I'd like to go to as many places as I can in Europe and Asia.


Yeah you will! Shoot for your dreams!


I live in Australia and when I was younger I spent 2 months travelling around the country with my family so I've seen quite a lot of it! :) I've also been to Hong Kong and New Zealand. At the end of this year I'm going to Thailand and Singapore and I can't wait! I want to visit lots and lots of countries but especially Norway, Germany and Japan.

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