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Can I change the displayed language?

I am a french native speaker leaving in the USA. I want to learn Spanish. I realize after achieving the first lesson that it would be easier for me to learn Spanish from French. Can I change the displayed language from English to French? If so how? Thank you!

September 23, 2017



Hi, you can start the course here: https://www.duolingo.com/course/es/fr/Learn-Spanish-Online

Also welcome to Duolingo!


Since you're asking for help using the site, could you move this post to the Troubleshooting forum? Your post is likely to get a lot more attention there, because that's where the people who are willing to help with this sort of problem hang out. It will also help keep this forum easy to navigate for those who aren't part of the troubleshooting group.

Don't delete it and create a new one, just click edit, and change the topic from Duolingo to Troubleshooting. Here's a guide on how to move a post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16609773.

...and here's a guide on how to choose which forum to post in: [Guide] In which forum should I post my discussion?.

Thanks :)

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