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Is there a way to test your progress to see how well you are doing?

I am trying to see if there is anyway to have a in progress test and see how well you are doing based off of the topics you have learned.

September 23, 2017



You can also take the initial quiz-out test for any language by just logging out of your account (or opening an anonymous browser window), going to the Duolingo home page, and choosing your language of interest like a new user.



1: Go to the discussions forum

2: Press F12 to get to the browser console

3: Type the following into the console;


4: Press ''Enter'' and it will reply ["^.+"];

5: go to the lingot store (note: Press the button on the home page, not the lingot)

6: Buy and take the test!


Thanks so much for sharing this way to use the progress test again! I don't know why Duolingo decided to remove access to it on user pages, when it's still on the website. Maybe it wasn't used much?

No idea how you found this work-around, but I just did it that way, took a test, and received a score.

Thanks again. Giving you 25 lingots - because I really was missing the opportunity to test my progress.


Just tried to access it on 1/20/19; didn't work anymore for me, either. Disappointed!


How did you discover this?


LICA and Testmoogle told me this.


wow amazing !!!!! thanks mate


Thank you very much for this!!!


Btw apparently this also allows to access progress quizzes in new languages such as High Valyrian!


How easy is it to do the exercises? That should give you a good hint.

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