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  5. "Esther hapendi kuruka kamba"

"Esther hapendi kuruka kamba"

Translation:Esther does not like skipping rope

September 24, 2017



In the U.K. we would just say ‘skip’, never ‘skip rope’.


Americans say skipping rope or jumping rope. Other dialects just say “skipping”. No one says “skipping a rope”


What!? Who doesn't like skipping?


The verb is to skip and the object is the rope therefore my answer that Esther doesn't like skipping should stand. Please fix this. Im bad enough at this without having to learn American slang too! 16062020


There is nothing "American slang" about "Esther does not like skipping rope."


It is, however a uniquely American colloquialism that is misleading and and example of tautology.


Here is a list of the national affiliates of the International Jump Rope Union: https://ijru.sport/members

Their names presumably give some indication of how the activity is generally referred to in various places, at least in official contexts. The only one that includes the word "Skipping" without mentioning "Rope" is Australia's (although there is no UK affiliate listed).

I don't know what you find misleading or tautological about the term. If you only used "skipping" to refer to an activity with a rope, then I suppose "skipping rope" would be tautological, but you previously mentioned that "skipping can mean using a rope or propelling oneself happily in any direction." Other speakers distinguish these activities lexically. For them referring to the first simply as "skipping" would likely lead to misunderstanding.


I suggest DL accept that America is not the only country that speaks English (England, maybe!) and allow for that staggering fact by accepting skipping as a perfectly acceptable answer.


Hmm... I prefer to swim.


My answer "jump rope " was marked wrong. Is that so?!


This has still not been fixed. 21052020


Yes. In cool skipping and boxing culture, people are now saying jump rope in English to mean skipping. But I've never heard skipping rope as an activity

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