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  5. Great Language Game!!!!


Great Language Game!!!!

Jambo fellow language learners! I love languages and I find it super interesting to compare languages to each other. I found a bunch of quizzes on Playbuzz to guess the language written, but I kinda mastered that and moved onto something else.


This game is super fun and helps you learn more about languages. You should try it out! You can hear people speaking a language and you have to guess which language it is with a few options given to you.

September 24, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I played it after Langfocus made a video about it. Fun game! ^^


    As for me, I think I played it thanks to the youtuber laoshu50500. Yes, that's really a great game!!


    Where does it help you learn more?


    Maybe a little with accent. I could never listen to something I understand 0% of and learn though.


    I have played it before. My highest score was 650 but I could most likely do better...


    Wow that's good. My high score is 300! XD


    Hey, I've played that game before! I could never get a high score, but it was fun!


    I love that game! I got 1200 ish?? last time I played. I sometimes surprise myself which ones I get right and other times disappoint myself with what I get wrong...

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