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tiny cards scoring

I don't know where to ask a question about Tiny Cards. I have completed quite a few lessons but my score (a long yellow line showing completion) isn't always recorded. I don't understand the system. I often do the same lesson several times and yet, no yellow line.

September 24, 2017



There are lots of problems with Tiny Cards. Scoring is just one.


Glad to hear that. I feel like I am out in limbo and I've done almost 700 cards. I do think they are helpful, keep me on my toes. I pay attention to the accents shown too and can remember them pretty well even though there is no option to type them in myself.


I am still hoping to hear from somebody in the Duolingo technical team -- is there one? I just finished tinycards adverbs -- done it more than once. No yellow line, no indication that I ever completed those four cards plus the little wrench on the side. I enjoy doing them. They are helpful. But don't have a clue what the scoring strategy is.

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