"I drink water."

Translation:저는 물을 마십니다.

September 24, 2017



I am a but confused about the particle 입니다. When we should change it as in 마십니다 and when we should use 습니다?

September 24, 2017


Here the verb is 마시다. You probably know when you conjugate verbs in Korean the first thing is to remove -다. The next thing you do is check the last sound of the verb stem, which is ㅣ here. Since it's a vowel, you just add -ㅂ니다. 마십니다. 가다 = 갑니다. 오다 = 옵니다. If the last sound of the verb stem is a consonant, you add -습니다. 아름답다 = 아름답습니다. 깊다 = 깊습니다.

September 25, 2017


When you conjugate verbs un Korean the first thingto do is remove 다. The next thing you do is check the kast sound of the verb stem. Ex.) ㅣ.. Since it is a vowel, you add ㅂ니다.

December 18, 2017
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