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  5. "Matěj se dívá na ta jídla."

"Matěj se dívá na ta jídla."

Translation:Matěj is looking at those meals.

September 24, 2017



Food is among the accepted translations.


I see no point in this discussion where a compelling argument is made that "ta jidla" is not adequately translated by the uncountable plural "food". No one has convinced me that as a translation °choice° it is incorrect. It may not get at the subtleties of the plural construction in Czech as clearly, but it is by no means an incorrect translation.


I agree 100%. I get what they were trying to do, but that is not the first place an American-speaking mind would go with the sentence. "Food" should be an acceptable translation. I don't know why the recalcitrance is necessary. Just allow "food" to be an acceptable choice for the translator and move on.


"Jidlo" is singular neuter, which becomes "jidla" when plural. "Foods" is generally a weird construction in English, though.


Food is most often an uncountable noun in English and as so it would be very uncommon to use the countable version and say "foods". The context for the sample sentence means it would never be "foods".


Meals is a very unnatural translation. It would be better to just alter the answer so that it accepts the English "food" which is an uncountable noun.


That would be a different Czech sentence.


Perhaps a better English translation for "jidla" is "dishes", rather than "foods" or "meals"?


OK. So in the new voice, when playing it at slow pace I can clearly hear that the first "i" in "dívá" is not long at all.


I cannot confirm that. It is as long as it should be.

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