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Czech Course won't advance past level 4

Hi There, I'm new to duolingo and taking the Czech course. I'm answering everything perfectly on level 4 but everything I finish the level, the little orange icon (of the chick-a-dee) won't turn red to allow me to level 5.

How can I advance to the next level?

September 24, 2017



You are confusiong two things. The levels are not connected to skills, but to the points (XP) you earn when learning new things or practising. If you want to see how many XP you need to get to the next level, you can see it on your own profile page. Right now you are 40 XP away from reaching level 5. You can either do new lesson or repeat what you already learned to earn these 40 XP.

Every skill has this little round image with a background color. Some are red, blue, green.... When they turn gold ('orange') it means that the skill is still strong and you do not need to repeat it. When they turn their original color it means that some words in the skill need strengthening.


Thanks Mlynarova. I'm a little new so I didn't understand that. I suppose its for my own good to just repeat. Thanks again. Cheers. -Kingsley

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