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Korean Language isn't available on both Mobile and Desktop

At first, I went to Duolingo in my Ipad and when I tried to do a lesson, it said Korean wasn't available for mobile yet. When I tried again, even after clicking multiple times, there was still no response from the app.

Deciding it was hopeless, I switched to desktop since it might work there. Sadly, I was very much mistaken.

What happened to the Korean course? Why is it taken out of both Desktop and Mobile?

September 24, 2017



It's only on the app, as distinct from mobile browser. It is working perfectly well for me.


The Korean course is only available in the app on the mobile phone, as already said.

In my experience, the problem is that the web view is blocked in the mobile and on the desktop as long as your Korean course is active in the app.

So, before looking at the web version on either the mobile or the desktop, you have to switch away from the Korean course in the app (select another language).


So, before looking at the web version on either the mobile or the desktop, you have to switch away from the Korean course in the app (select another language).

I believe that problem only happens with the iOS app.

From my very limited experience with the app on my Android phone, changing course on web doesn't change the course on the app (maybe only while your app is on Korean or Japanese, idk). Therefore, once you've switched to the Korean course in the Android app, it will stay on Korean even if you change course on web.

So on Android you can keep your app permanently on Korean and keep web permanently on, say, Spanish; and therefore be able to browse the website whilst your app remains on Korean. But if you change your course in the app, this way round it will also change your course on web too.

I have no idea why this functions differently between iOS and Android apps. Maybe it's a bug that causes the Android app to behave like way? But it seems better that it works this way than the problem iOS users have doing the Korean and Japanese courses. ^^


You are mistaken. When you change your course on Android, it changes on the web, too. When you change the language on the web, it changes in the App, too.


Does that include what I said about it being "maybe only while your app is on Korean or Japanese"?

I don't really use the app, and this may have simply changed in an update since I last used it anyway. I'm pretty sure I didn't just imagine it being like this though. I guess I'll reinstall the app and check for myself since I'm curious about this now. ^^


Seems it does indeed also include when the app is on Korean and Japanese. Well, that certainly does suck. That was pretty much the only nice thing I had to say in the app's favour for my preference between web vs app. Now even that has gone. XD

The app does stay on the course after switching on web, including after exiting and launching the app again, but only up until you complete a lesson or practice round on the app (whereupon it syncs to the course web is set to). So I was wrong when I thought it stays on it permanently. I wonder if this changed recently or whether I simply never used the app for long enough to realise it was always like this.. ^^;

Thanks for correcting me about this. ^^


I've been using both the web and the app for a year and a half now and it has always been like that, for all of the languages that were available on one platform, but not on the other; and not just for the Japanese and Korean courses.

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