September 24, 2017



생선 is fish as food. Live fish is 물고기


Isn't 물고기 literally "water meat"?


Oh my god, beautiful


Tears is also 눈물 which lit. translates to eye water.


There are some words with similar structure: 1. 발끝 toe - 발 is "foot" and 끝 means "end" 2. 손목 wrist - 손 "hand" and 목 "neck" translates directly "the neck of hand"


Don't most people say 발가락 for toe? I have never heard 발끝.


In direct translation, yes.


What if youre eating a fish alive? 물고기 먹었어요?


Actually, raw fish is hwea. 희를 먹고 있읍니다. I'm not sure about eating an alive fish though.


Yes, that is correct! I hope it helped!


If you learn something from a fish, be sure to call it 생선님


omg i actually understand the joke. i guess you could say your teacher is fishy ㅠㅠㅠ


From what I was tought, 생선 refers to any fish that will be consumed as food -- whether dead or alive. So if you see fish in a river and you plan on eating those very fish, you can refer to them as 생선. Likewise, if you go to a Korean fish market (where most of the fish are still alive), those fish are all also 생선. And then the cooked up fish on your plate is also 생선.

In the same vein, 물고기 is any fish that will not be consumed. So, your pet fish is a 물고기. The fish you plan to go fishing for and then release is also 물고기. But so is a dead fish you find washed up ashore (assuming you won't be eating said dead fish).


what if you didnt plan to eat the fish and you were saving the fish as pet but your cat ate it so you tell the cat in korean "why did you eat my fish??". would you tell the cat 생선 or 물고기? u got mad at the cat with the intention to tell it off by letting it know it was supposed to be a pet fish. the fish in case what would it be?


I need some help identifying the difference between 생선 and 물고기. Does the first one refer to fish in general and the second refer to fish as food?


물고기 is just all fish species, 생선 is fish for food

물고기: 물+고기 생선: 生鮮(raw or fresh fish for dishes)->fish for food


물고기 is living fish, 생선 is cooked fish to eat!


한글은 너무 쉬워요 my 한국인


Is it only to fish or any sea life in general?


To my knowledge, it's any kind of form, but not squids, octopi, and eels. There are more like sharks, and seaweed. By the way, in Korea, if it's someone's birthday, you cook seaweed soup, and the family eats it.

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