"Are the nights not long now?"

Translation:Nejsou teď noci dlouhé?

September 24, 2017

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Why can't teď be at the end of the sentence?


"Nejsou noci teď dlouhé" is also ok but not nice. (Said a czech friend of mine)


Could someone explain to me the ordering of this sentence? Would 'Noci ted' nejsou dlohé' also make sense?


nejsou noci ted dlouhe?


My answer was "noci nejsou teď dlouhé" and it was marked incorrect. The reason given for WHY it was incorrect is "You used the wrong word," and "teď" is the underlined word. Seems to me that either my answer should be acceptable, or the reason why it's NOT acceptable should be "The word order is wrong."

UPDATE ----- Maybe I can answer my own question. Maybe my answer was wrong because this is a question, and the verb is better placed (or has to be) at the start of the sentence.

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