"I don't have any control over him."

Translation:Je n'ai aucun contrôle sur lui.

September 24, 2017

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what about "Je n'ai pas aucun contrôle sur lui." ?


The way these negatives work in French is the you use "ne" + another word after the verb - but not both:

  • ne...pas ("not")
  • ne...aucun(e) ("not any")
  • ne...rien ("nothing")
  • ne...personne ("nobody")
  • ne...ni...ni ("neither...nor...")
  • ne...plus ("no more")
  • ne...que ("only")
  • ne...nulle part ("nowhere")


So basically it's just a matter of how French negatives work - you use one of the above, but not both, to negate your sentence in a particular way.


And then there is double negation.

Double negation with ne... pas

When ne... pas is used in a double negative with rien , it negates rien so that the meaning is "not nothing":


Ce n'est pas rien - It's not nothing (It's something)

Ne... pas cannot be used with aucun , jamais , or personne .

Double negation with ne... jamais and ne... plus

Jamais and plus can be used with one another and with the negative words aucun , personne , and rien .


Je n'ai jamais blessé personne. - I have never hurt anyone.
Je n'ai jamais rien volé. - I have never stolen anything.
Je n'ai plus aucun argent. - I don't have any money any more.

ne... pas que

Ne... pas que is a special case. The negative adverb ne... que means "only," so ne... pas que means "not only":


Il n'y avait pas que des hommes. - There weren't only men. . Je ne regrette pas qu'une chose. - I don't regret only one thing.


"Je n'ai pas de control sur lui" is also accepted

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