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Please, don't remove options of the "Report a problem" button

I have seen time and again that when you are doing exercises in Duolingo, and you see something weird or you don't agree that your solution is wrong, you cannot report it because most of the options of the "Report a problem" button are taken out. What I do in these cases, is either report something similar, or not report anything. In both cases I feel a little frustrated. What it is worst, sometimes you don't even have access to the associated forum to explain your problem (well, maybe this time it's a bug what prevents your access, but you cannot discard that the course contributors shut it off because of too many complaints or incorrect comments.)

I suggest that if some exercises are highly reported for bad reasons, either put some hidden text that would show up if you stumble with the same stone as many other learners, or put links to relevant grammatical notes if necessary. In any case, I see this issue as an opportunity that could be taken to teach us from our common mistakes.

I am looking forward to your opinions, because my experience in Duolingo is somewhat limited and I don't know if this is a general issue with all the courses. Thanks for your attention, and keep up your good work!

September 24, 2017



I'm not sure I've ever seen this. Do you mean there are less "report a problem" options than there normally are? Or that the options are just insufficient more generally?

The only case of the first I recall is that you can't report your answer correct if it was counted correct. But really, that falls more in the second category, and I agree it's annoying. Who wants to see the annoying "typo" message when really your answer is fully correct — comes up in e.g. the Catalan course where sometimes they've forgotten ustedes conjugations but they're not far enough off for Duolingo to count them wrong.


I'm surprised, because I've seen frequently seen fewer options in "report a problem" since the rewrite of the code. In some cases, I've seen only one to three choices to indicate what is wrong and it isn't always what I needed to report. Previously, there was an "other" option and you could fill in the details. That no longer exists.


That's basically the main issue I have. Thanks for telling your experience! ;)


Well, let's put an example of Esperanto, where are present most of the main options:

  • The audio does not sound correct.
  • The dictionary hints on hover are wrong or missing.
  • The Esperanto sentence is unnatural or has an error.
  • The "Correct solution" is unnatural or has an error.
  • My answer should be accepted.

Granted, the last option is the most wanted, but sometimes the issue is with the audio (because I find it weird, or I don't get some parts of the audio, no matter the repetitions); or maybe I see the official translation as awkward, or I don't manage to find an adequate context of what I'm translating. And one of my biggest complaints would be the issues with accents: for example all my life I've written in Spanish "sólo" as synonym of "solamente", but then RAE tells that you can omit the accent. As a result, I see inconsistencies when you translate to Spanish, contributors sometimes put "solo" as the correct form, and others "sólo", and both should be accepted. Another recent example, "oír" is with accent, and contributors corrected me wrong (well, in this case I think it's a typo). So as you see, I take very seriously accents, because I want to write Portuguese correctly, or if I take French, I'd like to put most of the accents properly.

So in a nutshell, many times I've only found 1 or 2 options, and sometimes they were not related in any sense of what I wanted to report. And then if I wanted to say it on the exercise forum, and had bad luck and didn't work, I wasn't able to report it either. Frankly, the Portuguese from Spanish is where I have found more issues. Maybe it's an strategy to reduce the error rate artificially, maybe contributors are overwhelmed by problem reports and don't have time to fix things properly, I don't know. I've done another trees, but I rushed too much in them to notice the reporting problem. So maybe what I have told is not as extended as I think, then better for us all, and I would be happier. Anyway, independently of the number of reporting options available, I would like to get more help if I get a very common mistake... I'm convinced that most of the times I report something I'm wrong, so if Duolingo or contributors could tell me why, with a quick explanation in place, or a link to a relevant grammatical note, learning in Duolingo would be an even more pleasurable experience than already is.


Believe it or not, there's actually a spot in the Incubator for contributors to put a message upon users submitting a given wrong answer, the idea presumably being exactly what you get at here. The only issue is that Duolingo doesn't display such messages, so naturally contributors don't actually write them.


So maybe in a future, hopefully Duolingo will start to display such messages to the users. Thanks for your info! :-)


Well, I'm learning E-o and for a couple of weeks now I can see only three alternatives (Opera browser on a computer running MS Windows 10 or MacOS High Sierra both with the latest updates):

  • The audio does not sound correct.

  • The dictionary hints on hover are wrong or missing.

  • The English sentence is unnatural or has an error.

So what should I pick, when I think, that the E-o sentence has an error? How do I report a problem in problem reporting?


There should always be an "Other problem" (or "None of the above") option.

It's a bit arrogant of the designer, to think that they have enumerated all the relevant possibilities.

For example: Just got stuck in a loop, on a question with a drop down list. Four possibilities - and I tried all four of them, more than once. The options given, when reporting the problem were irrelevant, so I gave up.

The options were:
La oración en alemán no tiene sentido o tiene un error gramatical.
La "solución correcta" no tiene sentido o tiene un error gramatical.


Just had another problem.

First time it asks me to translate 'los niños', it will accept 'die Jungen' but not 'die Kinder'. It immediately asks me to translate 'los niños' again, but this time it will accept 'die Kinder' but not 'die Jungen'

After a few more questions, the same thing happens again.

If I try to report it, I get only one option: "La imagen no corresponde con la palabra."

What image? There is no image.


I haven't had your problem yet, but you're right, I think that the "Other problem" option is very necessary. Duolingo shouldn't have removed this option.


Although, I am not saying there should be a text box, just that there is something they are not capturing, by not having an 'other' option.

They could always temporarily switch the text box on, for exercises that have an abnormally high number of 'other problem' type reports, if they want to dig deeper.


Well, let Duolingo experts think about the smallest details. Actually, I don't think that they will read this post, but at least I tried to voice my opinion and what fellow learners think about this issue. Don't expect change if you never complain or give ideas about anything!! :D


Note that course contributors can't help with technical problems like this example, so a report to us about it won't do anything. For technical issues, it's best to check the Help section first, and if there's nothing about it there, submit a bug report here, where the devs will see it.


I get your point, but as an ordinary user, the problems that relate to specific sentences I would tend to report from the button. I don't feel able to diagnose the problem further than that. I get that contributors may have a different view, but that comes with a better knowledge of how this all fits together.

I have a general problem on the app, that multiple choice sentences crash the app. This has been happening for a week now. About 80% of my strengthenings do not get to the end, due to this. As this is not related to a specific sentence, I would naturally rather create a bug report (although I haven't).


If there's a problem with a specific sentence, your best bet is to screenshot it and send a bug report, giving all the information you can and specifically mentioning that you only have the problem occur on these sentences. Otherwise, the devs will never see it as they don't read sentence reports, and we can only delete the report because we have no way to do anything about it, we can't even see who sent it. That's why I'm saying to send a bug report even for problems with specific sentences; the people who can do something about it will see it, and those who can't won't need to click the delete button again.

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I have had this problem several times since they removed the option "Different error" that let you enter some text : some kinds of errors are now impossible to report ! For example, I've just had a "Translate this text" question from English to Irish, and the current solution has a slight mistake. But the only options in the report dialogue are :

  1. The audio does not sound correct.
  2. The dictionary hints on hover are wrong or missing.
  3. The English sentence is unnatural or has an error.

Whereas I would need "The Irish sentence is unnatural or has an error."

This also happens in other contexts. I'm going to report this as a bug. It would also be great if there was a way to report errors in the course tips and notes, because I'm not sure the course creators regularly read the forums.


That's right, there are also some slips in the tips and notes section that you can't report directly. For example, in the German course about the formation of plural words they say that: most masculine or neuter nouns will need the -er ending , and this is only true for neuter monosyllabic words (eg. das Kind (die Kinder), das Buch(die Bücher)), whereas the normal plural ending for masculine monosyllabic words is -e, not -er (eg. der Schuh(die Schuhe), der Baum (die Bäume))

A better explanation for plural formation in German (look for the section Now, to form plurals of the first answer):



Does anybody know why when I click report a problem it does nothing and says error 404 I think.

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