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Teaching music in Irish

Hi. I have just begun to teach music in Irish. Does anyone know of any text books or Youtube links that might be of use? Aged 11 - 14.

Go raibh maith agat!

September 24, 2017



Yah, you're welcome! :) Hope they work.


These are the forums for a language learning website. I'm sure there are forums out there that can help you. Is there an Irish equivalent of the TES site?


Will check... Thanks!


What do you mean by "Teach music in Irish"? Are you teaching music (piano, recorder, guitar, violin, etc) to Irish speaking kids in a Gaelscoil, and need standard music teaching materials written in Irish, or are you teaching traditional Irish music to non-Irish speakers?


Teaching classrom music in a Gaelscoil


I had a quick look at litriocht.com to see if I could see anything obvious in either the Teaching Materials or the Music section, but nothing jumped out, but you should have a look yourself.



Many of the songs on songsinirish.com have chords available. Aside from the obvious traditional tunes, the Pop section might be useful in a Gaelscoil.

It might also be worth contacting http://www.gaelscoileanna.ie/ to see if they can put you in touch with a music teacher at another gaelscoil.

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