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German translation of the company description

I need to put in the CV my previous company description that is, what the company did at the time.

This is how it would have sounded like in English:

"A company for machine processing and drying of wood"

Is this correct German translation?

"Ein Unternehmen für die maschinelle Verarbeitung und Trocknung von Holz"

Or is there something more professional sounding out there?

Translator that I have given CV for translation used this:

"Unternehmen für Maschinenbearbeitung und Holztrocknen"

Google translator translates it to:

"Machinery and wood drying companies"

Which is not what I want because according to this company makes machines for wood manufacturing, which is not true.

So is the Google wrong this time or not?

So I would like to ask German native speakers which translation is more accurate or you would use something else entirely?

Thank you

September 24, 2017



Yes "Zusammensetzer von Holzbau" is job description bellow and another sentence.

Sorry I copy/pasted both and didn't notice.

I have edited the post.

So this would be better in your opinion?

"Ein Unternehmen für die maschinelle Verarbeitung und Trocknung von Holz"


sounds good to me, too, for you're not working on machinery but with machinery on wood. Your description hit the nail on the head (maybe you should use Bearbeitung instead of Verarbeitung ? Like Tiramisues I am no professional in that business. Ask me about paint and I'm your man)


I think your translation is good.

Is the last part from your translator from a different sentence The "Zusammensetzer von Holzbau", if not it makes no sense. The first part has the meaning it's supposed to have. But I really think your translation sounds better and more professional (at least to the untrained ear of a native speaker who's not in the business).


vielen Dank tiramisues und Hannibal-Barkas :)

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