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Please can you translate this for me? Muchos gracias!

alegra tanto que me escribieras! te ayudare gustosa con el español!

March 12, 2013



The way to say thanks in Spanish should actually be "MuchAs gracias" not "Muchos" ;-)

Assuming you're looking for an English translation. Here it is:

"I'm very happy that you wrote to me and I would be more than happy to help you with your Spanish"


"I'm very happy that you wrote to me and I would gladly help you with your Spanish"


However, the Spanish sentences you wrote have a couple of errors. They should be like this:

"Me alegra tanto que me escribieras..." " Te ayudaré gustosa con el español"

Hope this helps.


Oh My GoSh SpAnIsH GeNiUs!!


I'm gonna give this a shot without cheating with Google or something :)

It says something along the lines of, "I'm very happy that you wrote/will write (?) me! I will help you with your Spanish with pleasure!"


wrote, for the rest, you're doing fine ;)

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