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  5. "Mnoho žen čte tuto knihu."

"Mnoho žen čte tuto knihu."

Translation:Many women read this book.

September 24, 2017



Can anyone tell me why it should not be "Mnoho žen čtou tuto knihu?" Děkuji! .


This goes way back into the history and the verb in plural/singular depends on which numeral you use. For the number 1, the verb is in the singular, for numbers 2, 3, 4, it is in plural and anything higher (ie. 5+) is no longer viewed individually in Czech, but as a group of things/people/etc. And since it is one group of things, you again use a verb in the singular. And the same applies for indefinite numerals like in this sentence. Just remember that for these numerals (5+) you have to use the noun following after the numeral in genitive plural (eg. pět mužů, mnoho žen, málo dětí, hodně piva, etc.)


Thank you so much! I leaned that about the genitive when I studied in Prague, but I didn't realize it also meant that the verb becomes singular as well. It now makes perfect sense, velmí děkuji!


Oh, and I am also guessing that I can say, "Pět žen čte" or "Mnoho žen čte," but I can still say, just speaking generally, "ženy čtou" ?


You don't need to guess. It is exactly like you've written. Well done, Lyn! :-)


Yes, and just to add a bit, you would also say:

  • (Dvě/Tři/Čtyři) ženy čtou.


in what case is žena declined to just žen?


genitive plural. ;)


I don't understand. Isn't it the subject here? Shouldn't it be nominative?


To take it easy you can regard the adverb to be the actual grammatical subject. Then you expand on what is that of which there is a lot of.

If you do not want to analyze it this way, you just have to accept that nouns that would otherwise be nominative or accusative, when following an adverb of quantity or a number above four, are in the genitive case.

jedna žena
čtyři ženy
pět žen
sto žen
mnoho žen
málo žen

See also the answer by Jamie at the top.


Thank you for the answer. I understand now

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