"He is going far away."

Translation:Er geht weit weg.

September 24, 2017

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Duo's first suggestion is just "weit" for "far away" so either "Er geht weit" should be accepted or that hint needs to be changed.


Er fährt weit weg. Should this also be accepted?


Yes, I think so. The English doesn't specify how he "is going", so "fahren" should be accepted (f.i, if he were going by car, by train, by plane, etc.). Make sure you report this the next time it comes up so the course creators can add it as an alternative answer.


No it shouldn't. "Gehen" can be used as "going" and "fahren" would imply the sort of transportation used, which is not included in the sentence.


Konnte das auch Er geht fern weg. sein?

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