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French cooking youtube channels

Does anybody know of any French/quebecois/swiss etc. vloggers with cooking channels? I'm trying to both improve my french and my cooking skills. I'm not too fussed what type of cuisine it is, as long as they are speaking french. I'm vegetarian, so vloggers who don't go too heavy on the meat is a bonus. Thanks!

September 24, 2017



That's a very good idea, ça fera d'une pierre deux coups. I agree that it's always best when we can do something productive with the language we're learning. The answer here is in fact yes: you can learn with Français Avec Pierre. There are only 6 videos. He is easy to understand and also a French teacher, so he occasionally pauses to draw attention to a word's pronunciation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmvTWd1ZOPQ&list=PLcoQWyFpRIxhbhcSlRLjulN5BVt6b8p1T


Thank you for the link!


Thank you for the excellent idea! I have used Russian cookbooks to improve my skills in that language, but hadn't considered videos.


Not sure about vlogs but I've started cooking using recipes from http://fr.chatelaine.com. Châtelaine emails me every day with different news articles and opinion articles and, of course, recipes. I've learned a lot from reading on this website.

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