Story time!

What is your story about the languages you are doing. For example, you can say how you came to learn that language and why yo like it. Another thing you should do is share a couple of words in that language and explain that meaning. This should be a very helpful thing to other people. If you disagree pls let me know I will share some of my own Thank you!

September 24, 2017


Kiswahili is a Bantu language of Eastern Africa. I started learning it because I downloaded Duolingo only to find out they didn't have Japanese or Hindi (this was a year ago) so I chose a random one. I didn't even know what Swahili was. I immediately fell in love with the language and it got me thinking of my goals. It didn't take me long to know I want to be fluent in it one day. It also made me realize how much I love African languages, then realizing how much I love all languages! My love of language influenced my love of linguistics and cultures, so as of now I want to be a Linguistic Anthropologist. Swahili is so amazing and fun, and so so so many more people should consider learning some of it. Asante kwa ulisoma na mchana mwema! Thank you for reading and good afternoon!

That is very great to hear. And good afternoon to you too!

Hi Jayden! Here's my duolingo story!

Sorry for this really long story. You don't have to read all of it.

I was being creepy and staring at my sister's Ipad when she was on it, and then I saw she was translating. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me about this amazing website! The next morning I made an account and started learning French. However, back then I wasn't very interested in French and in language learning, so I kept losing my streak, and for nine months, all I did on duolingo was occasionally logging on and doing a couple lessons, but that was rare. One day, some of my friends who were native Spanish speakers were talking to each other in that language, and I thought ''I wish I could speak that!'' I remembered about this website, and I have been going on it everyday since. Now I am absolutely obsessed with language learning, and I have a streak of 75 days!

That is funny and cool ,nice to hear that!

I have don Spanish because all my friends in California and most of my friends in Texas all know the language Spanish,so I thought to give it a try.

Basically, I came here last December for Chinese (which I was studying in college at the time). When I learned that they didn't I went with Portuguese because I always wanted to learn it but never had the chance. I instantly became addicted and finished the tree in less than a month.

Here's a Portuguese word: embara├žado, it means embarrassed. Seems obvious but the Spanish word embarazada means pregnant.

Hello Jayden :)

I found out about Duo when i saw that my youngest sister had it. She was learning Irish at the time because of a long-running joke between her and my family. This was is in 2015. I downloaded it a while after because i loved languages for a very long time and wanted to learn many. I was learning Russian and i couldn't find an app / website that i liked. When i opened Duo, I, for some reason, decided to try Spanish and immediately disliked Duo and deleted it.

352 days ago, i gave it another shot with Spanish again, and i'm hooked :)
Throughout my short time here, I've attempted the Spanish tree multiple times, the Russian tree, Vietnamese, Japanese, German and Danish ones. I have an issue with motivation :/

Now i'm here determined to eventually finish the Danish, Korean and Portuguese trees!
(among others haha)

My friend Shayla told me about it... and about a year later I tried it out. Its just for fun really but its helping me with my serious high school language study with 'Spanish Now!' /other workbooks. Duo is cool :)

Hi Jayden! I read somewhere that learning a new language is good exercise for the brain. Since I'm 60, I decided it sounded like a good idea. My sons had both tried Duolingo, and still use it I think. They encouraged me to try it. I've always wanted to go to Israel, so Hebrew was my first choice. I know I won't probably gain fluency here, but it is a fun challenge. Because so many people in the world speak Spanish, it was my second choice. I had it in junior high (ages ago!) but I'm sort of starting from scratch. I'm doing Welsh for my third language just because I think that's a beautiful part of the world and I do know one person from there. Welsh is probably giving me the most difficulty as far as words "sticking" in my memory. It's just a hobby for me, but I'm having lots of fun. I hope you do too! Nos da! (Good night in Welsh.)

I started a couple years ago on my dad's acct. and I love it!

hi, will one of you join my discussion too? I just added it and yeah...

I have already did that! Go check!

I have just started Greek! And it is great!

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