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"Germanizing" my name

Hallo Leute! I have a simple question as to if my name (Joshua) would change in German, such as "Joschua" or "Josua". Danke!

September 24, 2017



As far as I know, "Josua" is the official version mentioned in the Bible. But there is a nice Germanized variant, Joschka (our former Foreign Minister, Joschka Fischer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joschka_Fischer)


Actually, his name is "Joseph Martin Fischer". Joschka is a nickname. However, I have seen Joschka used as a first name by now. But only once: It seems to be very uncommon.


Hallo Joshua,

your name is the same in german. In fact it's a pretty popular name here. An old nick name for Joshua is Jockel^^ (more used in the north) In Switzerland it is the most popular name. If you like have a look at these links.



Ich finde, es ist ein schöner Name. Muss man nichts dran ändern. :-)

best regards Angel


Joschua could be a possible variant. I know someone with that name, who's from Germany.

The most significant difference is that the J in German sounds a bit like a softer E (the German I).


In my opinion, "Joshua". P.S. I thought at once about Joshua Kimmich, german footballer :) Then, letter "h" is not readable, "s" sounds like "z"


Joshua doesn't sound any non-german to me, though.


No it would be the same in german because it is a german name

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