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Danger on Duo.

Hi. Recently I put up a post that asked people if they went to my school. The point of this was to meet people who went to my school and create a tiny study group. An amazing user pointed out that this would let other users know where I was and if anybody from my school responded then that could put them in danger. The point of this is to stay safe. Don't post things that give away your location too closely, like you can have the city or state or town you live in but don't put your direct address on your profile, and don't give away your email or phone. It's a bad idea. Stay safe, XSuperWomanX

September 24, 2017



Wrap yourself in bubble, lock the door and swallow the key.


And you shouldn't give out your age, email address, phone number, grade (if you're still in school), ZIP code, home address, or anything like that either.


Yes that too. Those are all smart things to do.


That's a zip code. In Britain we call it postcode.


Don't say which state you're in! (for ex: California) if your country has states or anything like that

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