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Who's learning Korean and why?

I watched this Korean Drama on Netflix about a year ago and enjoyed it so much, I decided to learn the language. I have to say it is quite a challenge to learn it from English, but a lot of fun too. 한국어를 배우기는 어렵지만 재미 있습니다.

September 24, 2017



I'm learning Korean because it's on by bucket list to learn a language from each continent and a con-language for Antarctica before I die. I was trying to decide what Asian language so I did research and though Hangul was fascinating. I have not achieved fluency in any of the languages I've been trying to learn yet. Esperanto is the easiest for me, and Korean is the most challenging. The biggest reason of all, is that I love to learn and challenge myself.


What will you learn from Africa?


Because of the Bangtan Boys!!!


Where are you from? In my country, Korean is not available yet, it is at 94% :( I'm really waiting for it


It's not available on the web, but it is available on the app. I'm Canadian.


저는 몇 년 전에 한국어를 공부했지만 지금 잊어 버렸어요. 그 때문에 저는 한국어를 다시 배우고 싶어요.


잊어버렸다고? 그럼 어떻게 한국어로 그렇게 잘 쓰나요?


Wow, I got all of that but one word! I think I might be able to learn Korean eventually even though it seems impossible at times.


I like language and I wanted one with a different alphabet and a vocab you can't glean from English words. I don't have the patience for Japanese, I'm not good at speaking tonal languages.

Korean just oddly works for me. I like how it looks. I make comics and art so it's just visually pleasing to me. And I have this feeling that knowing it will be very useful to me in the future.


I learn Korean! Why? I don't know, I just love the language!


I live here. Also 박찬욱.


I've been a Kpop fan for about 6 years. I think South Korea is a great country and hope to live there one day, or at least visit. :)


Which Korean drama on Netflix?


Descendants from the sun :p


My girlfriend is Korean.. so yeah!

Naui yeojachinguneun hanguksaramimnida.. alors.. OUI! (i'm sorry i don't have a Hangeul keyboard in my laptop)


im learning korean because i also got very interested into the culture the k-dramas and definetely the k-pop (specifically bangtansonyeodan) and so i am studying it as my official third language and i hope to move to south korea and become an english teacher! while also learning more korean!


what was the K drama you watched?


Descendants from the Sun was the first one I watched. My favourite so far has been W.


how many have you watched? i'm a kdrama lover too


Hehe, I don't have a number. Quite a few. Which are your favourites?


I'm learning Korean because I love Bangtan and want to want videos of them without English subs because most of the videos I want to watch don't have the subs . I also want to learn Korean because its on my bucket list to go to south Korea and maybe even study (probably wont end up studying there though) there in the future.


I am learning because I find it a beautiful, interesting language. I actually went to Korea twice and since then I didn't really put effort into learning more than the most basic structures. I really want to become fluent before trying learning another language.


I learn korean because I am a kdrama and kpop fan and sometimes I just want to understand what they are saying without subtitles.

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