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The usage of Ha in these exercises

I honestly have a lot of questions of the usage of Ha particle in the lessons, it often does not correspond with the actual usage of Ha, or it's a case of "you can but you're gonna sound weird as duck doing it." Why do we not use Wo particle as much as we actually should ? I feel like the course is teaching some bad manners at times with this but also with usage of anata and other examples. Why was the choice made to use Ha so much in the lessons

September 24, 2017

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It would be nice if you'd give at least one example of the kinds of sentences where you feel the は particle was used unnaturally. I haven't noticed much of an issue even worth mentioning with this, although I am only a learner.

Also, I haven't felt that あなた is used that much at all in this course. When I went through the whole tree a week ago, I think I only saw あなた used in about a dozen sentences. In fact, I'm certain I've seen あなた used a lot more in the English from Japanese course designed for native Japanese speakers.

I think at least half of the contributors to this course are native Japanese speakers. I wouldn't expect there to be much of a problem at all with the Japanese sentences (other than the obvious horrific lack of kanji). ^^

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