"Do not speak instead of me!"

Translation:Nu vorbiți în locul meu!

September 24, 2017



In the multiple choice, one of the possible solutions reads: "Nu vorbi în locul meu!"

I understand the usual imperative tense rules ăe.g "vorbiți" for "voi" sau "vorbeste" for "tu," but here, it seems that the infinitive is being used for an imperative command.

Would anyone care to comment on this phenomenon? I would be grateful for any words of wisdom.

September 24, 2017


In a negative imperative sentence, the infinitive is used for the second person singular:
Vorbește în locul meu!
Nu vorbi în locul meu!

One of the most common errors native speakers do is not using the infinitive for the verb "a face" (to do/to make):
Nu fă asta! (Instead of the correct "Nu face asta!")

Another confusing example is the verb "a fi", whose conjugation varies only slightly from the infinitive:
Fii cuminte!
Nu fi cuminte!

September 25, 2017
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