"There are not many women like these."

Translation:Takových žen není mnoho.

September 24, 2017

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Why not use "takovýchhle" or "Takovýchto" because of the "these" part of the English translation?


It is accepted. If some sentence was not accepted for you, report the complete sentence.


Would I be correct in my understanding that for the most exact translation of "such as these/this," we add -to or -hle to the end of whatever form of Takový is used? I just want to make sure I'm not only constructing an acceptable translation for an example, but understanding the nuances involved. Thanks for answering all my questions!


why is není used here instead of nejsou? isn't it plural?


ženy are not the subject here, they can't be, they are not in the nominative case. And mnoho, hodně, málo, trochu,... and numbers above four all use singular neuter.


What is wrong with "Neexistujou mnoho takových žen"?


Adverbs of quantity or numbers above four require a singular (neuter) third person verb.


My answer "není takových žen mnoho" was marked as incorrect. I have seen other sentences using the word "mnoho" at the end so I thought this might be a possible word order. Is there a specific reason this is incorrect? ... I reported as My answer should be accepted, just in case.


Mnoho at the end is certainly fine, the main translation is like that as well. The beginning of your sentence is what is strange. It might be acceptable anyway.


Put "takovychto zen to neni mnoho". Was it marked wrong because of the "to neni" being there vs. just "neni"?


Sorry, I missed the other "to". It is extraneous there, there is no reason for it to be there and it does not make sense. Just: Takovýchto žen není mnoho.


"Takových" is not one of the possibilities given in hints. At this new-word stage, some of us do need the hints!


I've added "like those" and "like these" to the hints.

There was "such" as a hint all along though - and that's the meaning. It's just clumsy to use "such" in this sentence in English, so "like these" is used instead.

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