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  5. "마시는 개들은 작아요."

"마시는 개들은 작아요."

Translation:The drinking dogs are small.

September 25, 2017



Lol, I put "the delicious dogs are small" and didn't stop to think that was potentially wrong...


I thought the same thing too haha


LOL. Thanks! This gave me a good chuckle hahaha


Another with speaking practice: 2019 July


Okay, but serious question: is it possible to distinguish the sounds of "마시는" and "맛있는", or is context the only clue available?


You need to train your ear for it, there's a slightly longer pause to pronounce the double ㄴ.

  • 마시는 is pronounced like /마시는/.
  • 맛있는 is pronounced like /마신는/.


But i have succeed in the first try only...and it was "the drinking dogs are small"


wait, is that common?


I put: the small dogs are drinking. It was wrong. It makes no difference in English, does it make a difference in Korean?


There actually is a difference in English (even just meaning-wise, ignoring grammar). "The small dogs are drinking" means that if you look at all the small dogs in the room, they're all drinking, but big dogs may or may not be drinking. Meanwhile, "the drinking dogs are small" means that if you take all the dogs that are drinking, they must all be small. So in the scenario where all the small dogs are drinking but some big dogs are drinking, the former sentence makes sense while the latter sentence doesn't. Sorry if I overexplained it, I just wanted to be thorough.


Drinking is a modifier to the noun dogs in this case, a word to describe the dogs. Drinking at the end of the sentence makes it the verb.


It's a ver no matter where it is.


Probably not. But i wish they would let us answer that way, 'cause "the drinking dogs are small" is a pretty unatural sentance in englinsh.


I concur that the sentence taught as most correct is jarring. The alternative, accepted and I would say more correct, translation is:- The dogs drinking are small. I am also doubting the ~ing as gerunds are in a few chapters time so there should be a wh~ word in the translation sentence. So all in all the deemed correct translation is poor.


"The dogs that are drinking are small" Why is this wrong?


That should be right. Flag it


I just cant understand this unit


Have you tried reading the tips and notes found on the mobile/desktop Duolingo website? (They're not accessible from the app btw has to be through the website)


Why isnt "small dogs are drinking" right


cause thats not the meaning. it says "the drinking dogs are small". youre modifying the subject :)


I hate this sentence. You would never say this in English. You would say something like: The dogs that are drinking are small.


"The small dogs are drinking" should also have been accepted


Incorrect, the topic is 마시는 개들 (drinking dogs or dogs that are drinking) not 작은 개들 (small dogs or dogs that are small).


Who let the dog out


What's the difference between "sleeping" and "small" they are very similar


자다 (to sleep) vs 작다 (to be small) and in the polite form, 자요 vs 작아요. The ㄱ sound ought to be noticeable, it sounds like a G between two vowels.


The answer came up "they will be back in one hour"!!! Nope


I no longer understand this ㅠㅠㅠ


This grammar keeps messing me UpP!


Still not understanding how “the small dogs are drinking” is wrong... it literally means the same thing, and the dogs are the only thing in that sentence that can drink. It’s not making sense at all


They don't mean the same. In this sentence, the verb of the sentence is 작다. So, [something] is small. What is small? [some kind of] dogs are small. What kind of dogs are small? The ones that are drinking. So, the final outcome is "The dogs that are drinking are small" which is the same as "The drinking dogs are small". This sentence differs from "The small dogs are drinking" by the fact that the observer has discovered that the size of the dogs that are drinking is small as opposed to them discovering that the small dogs are doing the act of drinking.

The small dogs are drinking would be "작은 개들은 마셔요" or, to preserve the progressive tense, "작은 개들은 마시고 있어요".


The dogs are drinking small. Imma be laughing at my own answers


This sentence is crazy~


I didnt know you could have 2 은/는s in a sentence


I put: " the small dogs are drinking" isn't it the same meaning? Why is it wrong?


The main predicate (verb/adjective) of the sentence goes at the end. "The small dogs are drinking" would be 작은 개들은 마셔요 because the main verb is "drinking" (마시다), so it should go at the end, and "small" (작은) is just a modifying word, so it goes before the subject "dogs" (개들).

The order in the sentence here, 마시는 개들은 작아요, tells you that "drinking" is a word modifying "dogs", and the main predicate is "small"—hence, "The drinking dogs are small" (or, "The dogs who are drinking are small").

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