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  5. All my progress was lost!


All my progress was lost!

I just checked in today. I was on an almost 50 day streak and at 42% fluency in French but suddenly I am down to 5% fluency and (almost) all my progress is lost. Help!

September 25, 2017



Are you really sure you logged in with the same username and password als you did yesterday?
Because the extended profile of this account
(https://www.duolingo.com/users/ErikaCleve) showes, you already had not used this account for about 374 days.

last_reached_goal":......................,"days_ago": 374


Thanks Pentaan. I spoke too soon. It turns out I had signed in two different ways. When I figured out the other way I signed in, I was back to where I needed to be.


I went from 47% fluency to 16 overnight. Computer glitch? You encourage students to compete with themselves and please the Owl etc and then this! Having said that I love Duo Lingo and the learning methods.

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