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  5. "우아! 이 차고 너무 커요!"

"우아! 차고 너무 커요!"

Translation:Wow! This garage is so big!

September 25, 2017



I wrote woah instead of wow and got it wrong. Thanks.


What an emotionless way to say Wow...


how come, "holy shit! this garage is really too frickin' humongous, dude!" is not correct?


Why is there no subject mark? I looked for a tile saying, 이 차고가, or 이 차고는. I am still wondering about this subject marker a year later. Nov. 5, 2020.


And still no answer in January 2021. Sigh.


차고 = 車庫


너무 is more like Too not so. So is more 진짜, 엄청


Please remember that its not english so you have to think Korean in every situation.


on this same note. In korean 너무 has multiple meanings depending on the situation. this use is perfectly natural. Remember though it is Korean not English. they don't translate perfectly or exactly the same way every time.


Depending on the situation, it can also be used as "so". It is the same in English as well


Just note that "너무" has negative meaning.So the situation might be that a guy had to clean the garage and just saw the size of garage. These days korean may use "너무" without negative meaning in some cases.But this sentence sounds weird to me if he was just surprised.


This is Korean, the translations are approximate, they don't have the exact meaning. 너무 doesn't always have a negative meaning.

I see Koreans saying things like 너무 맛있어 and 너무 예뻐 which aren't negative.

Even in English this wouldn't be considered negative but more of an exaggeration. "It's too delicious", "You're too pretty".


https://www.korean.go.kr/front/onlineQna/onlineQnaView.do?mn_id=216&qna_seq=159907 Hi I'm also korean. In this case I feel some nuance that there is some negative reason like "It is too big (to buy)". And I have learned to use "너무" only for negative meaning although in spoken language we can speak "너무" at anytime. So I do consider the nuance. 안녕하세요. 지금 사전을 찾아보니 이제는 부정적이지 않아도 쓸 수 있다고 명시되어 있네요. 그럼에도 불구하고 "너무"라는 말을 쓰면 약간의 부정적인 뉘앙스 혹은 그 뒤에 다른 이유를 설명하려는 느낌을 버릴 수가 없습니다. 예를 들어 쇼핑할 때 "너무 싸다"와 "정말 싸다"는 뉘앙스가 다르지 않습니까? "너무 싸다"는 값싼 정도가 지나쳐서 품질이나 다른 것들이 걱정된다는 느낌이 들고 "정말 싸다"는 가격에 감탄한다는 느낌이 듭니다. 그래서 저는 이 번역을 봤을때 "너무"라는 말을 써도 웬만한 상황에서 쓸 수 있겠지만 "정말"이나 "굉장히", "상당히" 등 다른 번역을 쓰는 편이 더 좋을 것 같다고 생각했습니다. 틀린 점이나 다르게 생각하시는 부분 있으시면 말씀해주시면 감사하겠습니다.


"Wow! This garage is quite large!" is marked incorrect. "So" is better used as a comparative term, as in "so big that I could not see the other side." But, I heard it very frequently used among South Koreans speaking English to mean "very" or "quite". I was there 14 years teaching ESL in Daejeon, and loved it.


Yes, it can mean "very," but it often has the negative connotation of "too." I agree about the use of the English word "so." I typed, "This garage is too big."


I bet you say that to all the guys


Thats what he said....lol

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