"He hates black."

Translation:그는 검정색을 싫어해요.

September 25, 2017

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Doesn't 싫어하다 mean: to not like And

Doesn't 미워하다 mean: to hate?

It didn't accept my answer of:

그는 검정을 미워해요


Both can be translated as "to hate." However 미워하다 is specifically directed at people and beings, typically as a result of their actions against you. Its an expression of active hate against another. 싫어하다 is more general use and is more matter of fact, disliking/hating the situation rather than any particular party involved.


Difference between 싫어요 하고 싫어해요?


싫다 is a descriptive verb meaning "to be distasteful, hated" while 싫어하다 is a verb meaning "to hate, dislike".

It can help to see the latter as a compound verb: 싫다 + 하다, roughly meaning "to act as if something is distasteful".


He hates black?! Blashemy!!

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