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  5. "박물관에서 사진을 찍읍시다."

"박물관에서 사진을 찍읍시다."

Translation:Let's take a picture at the museum.

September 25, 2017



Let's take a picture at the museum is the same thing.


Unless you are stealing


That's actually the only choice it gave me lol.


It actually uses picture in the multiple choice, too.


Does 찍읍 come from the camera sound? It makes easy to remember anyway.


Equivalent of 'click' in English. #onomatopoeia


Probably not, since the first time 찍다 was attested was in 1459. I don't think they had cameras back then. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%EC%B0%8D%EB%8B%A4


If someone's is wondering why it's pronounced "paNG mul kwan" instead of the written "paK mul kwan"... ...


Nasal assimilation.

A consonant followed by a nasal (ㅁ or ㄴ) in the next syllable block changes its pronunciation to a nasal (the one with the closest mouth shape i.e. closest sound).

ㄱ ㅋ ㄲ -> ㅇ

ㅂ ㅍ -> ㅁ

ㄷ ㅌ ㅅ ㅆ ㅈ ㅊ ㅎ -> ㄴ


why does museum sound link paN or paNG but it written paK?


If ㄱ is followed in the same word immediately by ㅁ, the pronunciation of the ㄱ changes to ㅇ.


It said i got it right but i got it so wrong. Whoops. I thought it said lets take a picture at the mueseum as in steal it oof.


Can't "photo" be used instead of "picture" here?


Duo keeps introducing new nouns and all I do is lookup the hint and form an answer! I feel like I am not able to register anything ..any tips. Do you guys keep a notebook handy to write down the new nouns?


Worth it. Keep some spreadsheets handy. One for vocab; one for set expressions. Handy for revision. Don't rush.


Yes, I keep a notebook. I also try to use the desktop version as often as possible, so that I can type in the 한글 instead of just clicking the right answer. That helps me retain far more!


i write all the tips in a diary and read them thoroughly. Then i write all these examplary sentences in a register, reread them and write them in the diary...it helps a lot


So, how do you say, "let's take a picture of the library"?


박물관의 사진을 찍읍시다


What is the meaning of 서 에 is for places or 에서 is like to say "at the"


(1) 에서 (or just 서 after a vowel) is a postposition marking a place or location where an action takes place. It is the equivalent of English preposition in/on (location), at (place).

e.g. 나는 그녀의 집에서 많은 시간을 보내고, 소파에서 자고, 거실에서 TV를 보았습니다 =

i spent a lot of time at her place sleeping on the sofa and watching TV in the living room.


집에서 = "at" (her) house/place

소파(에)서 = "on" the sofa

거실에서 = "in" the living room

(2) 서에 -> 서 is a noun which could mean book or station (police station/fire station etc.); 에 is postposition of static location meaning at, in

-> 서에 = at the station or in the book

(3) 에 and 에서 are also used as postpositions of direction where 에서= from; 에= to.

한국에서 오다= come from Korea

한국에 가다= go to Korea


Im a beginner, but I have heard from Ash-Fred (one of the mods of the course) that 에서 means that something is happening there, that the action is ongoing


I just got a typo and It's said "I'm wrong"!


I can't believe I wrote "movie" instead of "picture"


Do you know originally "영화" was known as "활동 사진", action/animated pictures (Similar to the English once-used expression "Moving pictures")? So you see, you are not far off there. ;))


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