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In a perfect world...

you could earn your daily XPs while practicing with Tinycards because the two apps are integrated. But in reality, I do not use Tinycards because I do not get any XP credit even though I like using it better than the duoLingo app or website. Just say'n.

September 25, 2017



I don't use TinyCards because Memrise is still very much better. If only DL would add features like shared mnemonics, customisable testability of fields and custom audio.


I tend to make lots of decks on TinyCards because it supports mobile deck creation and Memrise does not.


Does it support mass-addition of material yet? I like to create decks in a text file or spreadsheet and add the cards simply and all at once.
No doubt mobile deck creation is useful for some people in some circumstances, but I personally don't like fiddling about on a mobile when I could do the same thing twenty times faster on a computer. TinyCards' native TTS support is its major feature, but I do wish it would shamelessly copy Memrise in some other respects.


Hello, I use Tiny Cards for fun and learn but not by xp but it's good idea to integrate two platforms or at least the score (please tell me my erros) =)


As a user of both apps, I totally agree. Though considering the differences between the android and the ios duolingo app themselves (and I use them both) I'm not particularly sure if the integration would be that easy


lol I don't even pay any attention to tiny cards.


Hello! You can now earn XP for studying Duolingo content in Tinycards: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27819336

For now, this feature is only available on web and Android but we plan on bringing it to iOS soon.

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