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Looking for where to reset XP points done per day. Help please?

Can you please help me. Done it before but cannot find it now. Thanks.

September 25, 2017



Yes, thanks! Very odd.. I went to settings and didn't get the full list, did it several times, but it's there now. I think there may have been a temporary glitch in the system as I did a strengthen exercise and it didn't record any so, just went directly to the home page when I finished. So I thought I would desert my XP to minimum and just try to do one so on a timed exercise to see if it would record and preserve my streak. I am on a hotel WiFi. Otherwise nothing changed, so all very odd. I have found I am still on 1 XP so not needing to change it.

Anyway, thanks! And if you can get those lost so back, so much the better. I've not looked to see if the skill has recorded it as now gold.


DL didn't record that I had strengthened but has now that I did 2 XP points. Also I now have a green tick by my streak, so that's preserved too. I'm not that concerned about my lost XP points. I learned what I needed to today. Thanks again.


Just learned it does seem to be due to problems with DL's site. See Usagiboy7's recent post on it.


El2thek is right click on the link and you can change your goal simple

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