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Anyone else's listening exercises have no audio?

For the last few days on the mobile app the listening exercises (where you type in the Esperanto that you hear) haven't had any audio. Anyone else?

I did look to see if this had already been raised by a million other people buy it doesn't seem to have been yet. Just let me know of it has.

11 months ago


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It's come up a few times in a few places. I think you're not the only one. It seems the problem comes and goes. It's not clear to me whether it's specific to the Esperanto course, or whether other courses with real recordings (not computer generated voices) are having the same problem. I would think all courses would have to be affected.

Here's one recent thread.


11 months ago

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I am also seeing (or rather not hearing) this in the webpage version, so it is not only the mobile version.

11 months ago