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"Twenty-four trees are enough."

Translation:Dvacet čtyři stromů je dost.

September 25, 2017



Why isn't this "Dvacet čtyři stromů jsou dost"? Numbers above four, so I should use the genitive case, right?


Could you also use stačit here?


Sure, Dvacet čtyři stromů stačí. or similar.


And I am a little confused about the use of -dost-. It has been told it goes with genitive, so why isn`t it -dvaceti-. Or doesn't -dost- refer to the number, but to the general state that is indicated with -je-?


If you add "trees" again to the end, you will get: "24 stromů je dost stromů" - there you have the genitive after "dost".

Syntax analysis: The first "24 stromů" is not dependent on "dost", it's a separate entity. In fact, "dvacet čtyři" is the subject, hence nominative. "stromů" depends on the subject and modifies it. And "dost" (together with the copula "je") is the predicate - same model as "František je muž." (X = Y).


Why is the subject not twenty four trees / dvacet čtyři stromy?


You can think of it like this: "Twenty-four" is the subject, with ("of") "trees" in the genitive.


Thank you! I think that one of my (many!) problems is that I don't comprehend the grammar in English (it is just intuitive), so trying to transpose it onto Czech is too much for my poor brain!


do you happen to remember those weird sentence diagrams? lines going this way and that?


You can actually view the entire "Dvacet čtyři stromů" as the subject.

Your "dvacet čtyři stromy" is also an alternative, but it follows a very confusing method of forming phrases with compound numbers. You can read about some of its pathologies here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25815469. In short, avoid it like the plague.

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