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Extra voting power to language masters in translation?


Just wondering whether there is a system wherein people who are proven to be very good or masters at a language have more weight behind their votes than people who are beginners?

If 100 newbs vote on a translation but only five masters or native speakers, how good will the quality be?

June 28, 2012



Another possibility would be to base it on how well the person's own translations have scored. It would be pretty random until a reasonable body of data has built up (just as the designated "best translation" is at the moment), but should gradually settle into something reasonably accurate.


As far as I know, Duolingo does not do this. It is a suggestion which has been made in several other answers.

One key difficulty is in identifying (by computer) who the better translators are. Do you have any ideas on that?


Well I guess one way to start would be just to use some algorithm based on people's own Duolingo exp points. It's not much but seems like an obvious first step. Fo

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